WQ/WQAS/JYWQ/WQ(D) Submersible Sewage Pump


ZW Combined Self-priming Sewage Centrifugal Pump ZW Combined/Split Stainless Steel Self-priming Sewage Centrifugal Pump GRUNDFOS Centrifugal Pump MULTILIFT is a powerful and cost-effective sewage lifting station product for collecting sewage in buildings and lifting it to higher positions. Especially suitable for occasions where sanitary appliances are below the backflow water level. The GRUNDFOS centrifugal pump MULTILIFT is suitable for both new and renovation projects. The unit body consists of a durable sealed water tank, motor, controller and check valve, and has been pre-installed and can be installed directly


Liquid temperature:0°C~+150°C

Head Range:7~32m


District Heating

HVAC System

Condensation System

Water Treatment System

Water Supply System

Municipal Engineering

Fire Fighting System