Draconis Subsidiary's Heroic Response to 2018 Shouguang Flood

In August 2018, Shouguang, Shandong Province, was hit by Typhoon “Wimbia,” which brought intense rainfall in a short period, especially on August 18th and 19th. Relentless downpours resulted in severe flooding in multiple areas of Shouguang. During this disaster, the Yiyi River Basin’s upstream reservoirs, including Yeyuan Reservoir, Tangshuiya Reservoir, and Heihushan Reservoir, were approaching or exceeding their storage capacity, leading to a significant increase in inflow compared to outflow.

By the morning of August 20th, due to the continuously increasing discharge flow, many villages along the Yiyi River began to be inundated, with several villages affected one after another, resulting in a dire situation. This sudden flooding posed a severe challenge and danger to the local residents, necessitating urgent rescue efforts.

At this critical juncture, Shandong Electric Motor Pump Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Draconis, was recognized by the Shandong Provincial Emergency Management Department as a socialized reserve unit for emergency rescue supplies. Without hesitation, we assumed our social responsibility and were repeatedly dispatched by the Shandong Provincial Emergency Management Department. We actively responded with our independently developed emergency drainage equipment and promptly participated in emergency drainage and rescue operations in various disaster-stricken provinces and cities.

During the crisis of the 2018 Shouguang flood in Shandong, we mobilized more than 60 rescue vehicles and dispatched over 100 employees who bravely and selflessly engaged in the rescue and relief work, even in adverse weather conditions. Over the course of more than a month, we persevered and made significant contributions to the emergency rescue efforts, helping the affected populations overcome a perilous time. This rescue operation further strengthened our sense of social responsibility, and we will continue to actively participate in disaster relief work to make more contributions to society.

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