Centerline Split Pump


SDS series (energy-saving) double suction pump, is our company according to the needs of the market, in the extensive absorption of similar products at home and abroad advanced technology based on the development of the latest open double suction pump. Its remarkable features are: excellent model performance, novel and reliable structure, easy maintenance and high life. Our company currently produces SDS type pump
46 models, 390 basic specifications. Pump through the use of prototype impeller and modified impeller and cutting, the shape spectrum is full and broad, the use of high efficiency, in the spectrum performance range, can provide appropriate to meet the user’s needs of arbitrary flow head working point pump.
Products through careful manufacturing and perfect quality control, to reach the domestic leading level. Our company has obtained S09001 quality certification, product quality can fully ensure that this series of pumps meet 1S02548C,GB3216C,GB /T5657 standards.

Flow: 150-20000m³/h

Liquid temperature: Max +105°C

Head Range: 11m - 230m


Voltage can be customized based
on your request

Material: Cast iron/cast steel/stainless steel


District Heating

HVAC System

Condensation System

Water Treatment System

Water Supply System