QZB Series Submersible Axial (Mixed) Flow Pump


QZB(QHB) series submersible shaft (mixed) flow pump is a mechanical and electrical integration product that combines a motor with an axial flow pump and a mixed flow pump. It is a negative replacement product for traditional dry axial flow pumps and mixed flow pumps. It is the main equipment of the submersible pump station. The submersible pump station has been developed rapidly because of simple civil construction, low engineering cost, convenient control and guard management, easy installation, easy automation, high reliability, and beautification of the environment.

QZB(QHB) series submersible shaft (mixed) flow pump submersible pump is mainly used in large and medium-sized submersible pump stations, is the motor and axial flow pump and mixed flow pump combination of mechanical and electrical integration products, is the traditional long-axis axial flow pump and mixed flow pump replacement products. The submersible shaft mixed flow pump and the traditional long-shaft pump are basically the same in addition to the use occasion, the frequency of water in and out, and the characteristic parameters.


Liquid temperature:-0°C~+150°C

Head Range:10~80m


Voltage can be customized based
on your request

Material: Cast Iron/Cast Steel/Stainless Steel


District Heating

HVAC System

Condensation System

Water Treatment System

Water Supply System

Municipal Engineering

Fire Fighting System