This type of pump is composed of a QJ type submersible pump and a YQS type submersible pump motor, which can work underwater. It has the characteristics of simple structure, safe operation, reliability, high efficiency and energy saving. The water pump is of centrifugal impeller structure, with water-lubricated bearings, connected with the motor by a rigid coupling, and the upper end of the pump is provided with a check valve body to prevent the water from flowing back and damaging the working parts when the electric pump stops. There is a drain hole on the valve to drain the water from the pipeline to prevent the water pipes from freezing and cracking in winter.
The pump motor is a closed flush wet structure. The motor stator winding uses water-resistant polyethylene insulated and nylon sheathed multi-layer electromagnetic wires. Both guide bearings and thrust bearings are made of water-lubricated materials. The inside of the motor is filled with clean water to cool the motor and lubricate the bearings. A sand prevention mechanism is installed on the upper end shaft of the motor to prevent sediment in the water from entering the interior of the machine body.


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