Construction Applications

Integrated prefabricated pump station is an underground type, where the main components such as wellbore, submersible pump, coupling

the device, pipelines, valves, liquid level sensors, control system (including remote monitoring system), debris screen, and ventilation system are

integrated, prefabricated, manufactured, and assembled in the factory. This pump station is used for lifting and conveying water medium. It’s a

modern, cost effective, and user-friendly solution with minimal civil engineering work, serving as a substitute for small tomedium-sized

concrete pump stations.


Long Service Life:

Reasonable base design and smooth internal walls ensure long-term maintenance-free usage

Small Footprint:

Compact size saves land resources.

Short Project Duration:

Pump stations are delivered as complete units with components pre-installed and tested in the factory. On-site assembly only requires positioning, resulting in ashort construction period.

Easy Maintenance: Pump and grille equipment can be hoisted out along rails, facilitating maintenance.

Durable Fiberglass Cylindrical Body: The body is made of wound glass fibers. providing robust and lasting durability; the underground structure seamlessly integrates with the surroundings, ensuring an aesthetic appearance.

High Automation Level: Remote monitoring and management are achievable, along with mobile monitoring and fault alerts, eliminating the need for on-site personnel and significantly reducing post-operation management costs.

Energy-saving and Emission Reduction: Initial investment with low long-term operational costs, leading to remarkable energy-saving effects.


District Heating

HVAC System

Condensation System

Water Treatment System

Water Supply System

Municipal Engineering

Fire Fighting System