1. Trailer moving speed: 50km/h (flat road)-V20km/h (uneven road); turning speed 213km/h;
2. Front wheel steering and turning angle: 230°; climbing angle: 215°. In order to better ensure safety, it is necessary to configure inertial braking traction arm and manual braking device. Loading capacity>1800kg.
3. The trailer needs to be equipped with a diesel generator set for power supply.
4. The rated power of the generating set: 248KW, which meets the power demand of the overall equipment. The design of the air intake and exhaust heat dissipation of the generator set is reasonable, and the volume of the fuel tank can meet the continuous use requirements of the generator set for more than 8 hours.
5. The overall displacement of a single mobile pump station is 21000m3/h.
6. Equipped with 2 portable large-flow flood control pumps, when the flow rate of a single pump is 500m3/h, the portable large-flow flood control pump with a lift of 8m;
7. The overall dimension of the pump is high (mm): high <605mm, diameter <300mm;
8. Motor power (kw): 18.5;
9. Outlet diameter (mm): DN200


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