1. For all-disaster and major emergency research and development, there is currently no drainage unit with a capacity of 10,000 cubic meters per hour in China, so our company develops an all-terrain large-flow drainage and rescue system. 2. The all-terrain large-flow drainage and rescue system is a combination vehicle, divided into : 1 high-power power supply vehicle and 2 all-terrain drainage and rescue vehicles. Only 3 people are needed for combat, and the displacement is 10,000 cubic meters per hour.
3. High-power power supply vehicle can provide uninterrupted power supply and can be used for emergency power work related to emergency, firefighting, communications, telecommunications, coal mines, and oil. It is especially important for power outage repairs and power supply caused by emergencies. role.
4. The biggest feature of the all-terrain drainage rescue vehicle is that it can freely travel through water, snow, deserts, swamps, hills, and forests without any roads under extremely harsh climatic conditions such as wind, sand, rain, and snow. , coasts, lakes and other areas to complete tasks such as rescue, transportation, firefighting, medical rescue, engineering operations, and communication command.
5. The all-terrain large flow drainage and rescue system can be used as an all-disaster application


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